Seoul distress calls show 4 hours of mayhem, police inaction

South Korean head of the state Han Duck-soo promised today to consider police responsible for Seoul’s destructive Halloween swarm flood, after a log of crisis calls showed specialists were delayed to answer.

The pulverize in the thin back streets of the Itaewon diversion region on Saturday killed 156 individuals, generally costumed youthful party-participants searching for an evening of post-pandemic fun.The first crisis call was made at 6.34pm, an apprehensive guest cautioning that police expected to control the group before the squash of individuals turned lethal.

What follows is a dense record, got by AFP, of around twelve of those inexorably frantic calls to police:

“This is getting very apprehensive with individuals coming all over this rear entryway. Individuals can’t stroll down here yet individuals continue to come up. I feel like individuals will get killed. I scarcely received in return. I think you really want to control what is happening.”

“Such a large number of individuals here are being pushed, stomped on, hurt. It’s tumultuous. You want to control this.”

“Individuals are stomped all over the roads here. This is getting hazardous … There’s no control and a three-way street is undeniably impeded. I have a video shot. Might I at any point send it to you?

“Individuals are nearly getting killed … There are such a large number of individuals … This isn’t a trick call.”

“Circumstance here is nearly falling into a significant mishap with an excessive number of individuals. You want to come to put it taken care of.”

Individuals are being pushed hard here and everybody is in alarm … Kindly take care of making space here. I think individuals will kick the bucket here.

“I’m at the gamble of being killed with such countless individuals here … I if it’s not too much trouble, request that you direct one-way traffic here.”

“Circumstance here is truly troublesome. Individuals inside the rear entryway are getting squeezed so hard … This isn’t simply a store region. The entire rear entryway is (in harm’s way).”

“It made perfect sense to me. We will convey cops there,” a police responder told the guest.

“There are such a large number of individuals here. Might you at any point get over here quickly for swarm control?”

“It appears as though individuals are getting killed there … all out disorder.

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