Poland builds razor-wire fence on Kaliningrad border

Poland will construct a razor-wire wall on its boundary with Russia’s Kaliningrad, its safeguard serve said today, in the midst of worries that the territory could turn into a course for unlawful movement.

Development of the transitory 2.5m high aWith pressures ascending because of the conflict in Ukraine, he refered to security concerns and alluded an emergency set off last harvest time when huge number of African and Center Eastern transients attempted to cross the Belarus line into Poland, some of whom passed on.

The European Association at the time blamed Belarus – a nearby partner for Russia – of flying the travelers in as a feature of a “crossover” fighting effort to weaken Europe. Minsk denied bad behavior.

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Blaszczak said the Kaliningrad obstruction would be like the one that Poland set up along the boundary with Belarus last year.

Online business magazine Russia Instructions detailed last month that Kaliningrad is looking to draw in carriers from the Bay and Asia under another open skies strategy.

The territory, where Russia has a huge military presence, lies on the Baltic coast among Poland and Lithuania and isolated from Belarus by a boundary passage.

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